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Bitch reminds me of Panty from 7 years ago
Blonde, Whore,Worn out pussy and ass, Likes fucking.
Yeah the only thing I'll hold her to is her Blowjob bib.
all used up 8 years ago
Which was worse that pussy or her ass hole?
They were both stretched out...shame young ass like that and all used up....she looked lime a baltimore street hoe. bitch aint worth throwing pennys
McNut. 1 year ago
One of the few times I feel sorry for the guy. He really needs to get checked out after her. Her real name is Tiffany as the tattoo says. What’s sad is that her and her other whore sister look exactly like their worthless piece of $hit brother. Put a wig on him and their triplets.
Orrr 2 years ago
She just takes really phat shits
I call bullshit 2 years ago
"college" girls lol... the one chick looks more like she's 40
2 years ago
Looks like my stepdaughter who come home from college on Friday told us she had things to do for weekend, she told mom late Sunday night she when to party at lake Friday night she got drunk woke up Saturday early naked with 5 guys , then she comes home cleans up goes with girlfriends to bacorette party Saturday night , she / gf both fucked strippers on stage they took them home fucked 3 guys each ,, So I walk by bedroom door she looks like this ! She says you want some ? I say some one has !
Steve 2 years ago
Lot's of picky motherfuckers making comments on this flic, I think her cunt, asshole and neat little tittie's all look just fine! And my, can't she suck a cock? Having her friend there made it even better, rubbing her little pooper, wish it was me, not him,even if he cums more and harder than I do!!!!!
What 2 years ago
Anyone else see when he handed the camera to the black chick
lol a blowjob bib 8 years ago
Wow 8 years ago
That pussy looks worn out...time to go black.